[SOLVED] How to configure to route between two subnets?

Hello! Here is part of my topology.
The problem I have is that the Linux can ping and,
but not while the switch can ping but not and How to configure the openwrt to let the linux and the switch to communicate with each other?
I spent a lot of time searching but I could not find any useful info.
Thanks a lot!

My network config for openwrt

You need to add a route to via on your upper level router.
And make sure that OpenWrt firewall allows forwarding between the interfaces.


What kind of access do you want to allow? Who is at either side of the router?

By the way, for sharing code here, you could just paste it as text, then formatting it with the Pre-formatted Text Preformatted text tool in the tool bar.


Wow! Really helpful! Thank you!
My professor just randomly assigned this hw and I knew nothing about routing and firewall.


solved, thank you!

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