[SOLVED] How can I connect LTE with Alcatel L800?


I have Alcatel L800 Modem and I successed LTE Connection in the past(used LuCi)
I try again using LEDE but don't connect.
Maybe I missing something.

My Modem id is 1bbb:f000 and default auto-mounting 1bbb:0195
LTE Modem id is 1bbb:0017.

I used usb-modeswitch using LuCi, below that's conf json;usb-mode-custom.json

usb-mode-custom.json in LuCi Device
"message" : [
"devices" : {
	"1bbb:0195": {
		"*": {
			"t_vender": 7099,
			"t_product": [ 23 ],
			"msg": [ 0 ]

And, Input Command "usbmode -s -v -c /etc/usb-mode-custom.json" (following this link)
But, LEDE return "Failed to load config file"

Solved It.
My Mistake, I didn't install kmod-usb-net-rndis!

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