[solved] Hostname for IPV6 leases to Windows clients

Trying to figure out why my dualboot Linux / Windows systems did not get the proper lease (see below), I stumbled across another issue: the hostname would be recorded as mandated for IPV4 but not for IPV6, where the name sent by the client would win.

In effect, my company laptop (single boot Windows) would be called "work-laptop" as far as IPV4 was concerned and "random-company-name-100" for IPV6.

config host 'worklaptop'
        option name 'work-laptop'
        option ip 'x.y.z.12'
        option mac 'mac1 mac2'
        option duid '0001something '
        option hostid '0012'
        option dns '1'

Since I like consistency, I'll change the name to match what the laptop says but I wonder: isn't the "name" option supposed to do just that?

Probably dnsmasq knows nothing about DHCPv6 leases managed by odhcpd.

You should be able to work around the issue with this:


My bad: reading the docs again, I see that the keywords under "static leases" are indeed meant for dnsmasq alone.

Thanks, it's nice to have another option but at the moment I went for using the "company" name also for IPV4. Saves me from duplicating entries, if else.


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