[Solved] FTP Client on OpenWrt Router?

Is there an FTP CLIENT for OpenWrt 18.06.02 ???

Here's what I have tried so far ...
opkg install ftp
Unknown package 'ftp'.
opkg install sftp
Unknown package 'sftp'.
opkg install cmdftp
Unknown package 'cmdftp'.
opkg install yafc
Unknown package 'yafc'.
opkg install ftp-client
Unknown package 'ftp-client'.
opkg install uftp
Unknown package 'uftp'.

Thanks for any suggestions.

You can try openssh-sftp-client

And have you tried this command first:

opkg update

Great, Thanks! That did the trick.
But how do I find out this stuff???
I did a LOT of googling to find instructions for installing yafc, uftp, cmdftp etc but ALL of them seem to have disappeared!!!
(@lleachii : yes, of course. But I guess the number of newbies makes it necessary to say)

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Ah! Another problem.
I can't work out how to use openssh-sftp-client to do FTP transfers, that is, unencrypted.

Any hints or alternative client suggestions gratefully accepted.

Try using "sftp" in terminal it gives you a list of options.

usage: sftp [-46aCfpqrv] [-B buffer_size] [-b batchfile] [-c cipher]
[-D sftp_server_path] [-F ssh_config] [-i identity_file]
[-J destination] [-l limit] [-o ssh_option] [-P port]
[-R num_requests] [-S program] [-s subsystem | sftp_server]

To connect to a server you simply use "sftp <server ip address here"

Yes, I did that and it spewed errors of the form "/usr/bin/ssh: Ignoring unknown configuration XXX".
I went on to read many pages detailing options and came to the conclusion that sftp does not do FTP!
Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

I've now learnt how to use Luci to search packages and found 'lftp' which works as is without yet another learning curve!

Great!. SFTP Lol I realized is SSH FTP and not Secure FTP like I was thinking. Sorry about that. haha

lftp is the package you want. It is a client for traditional unsecure FTP as well as FTPS, which is completely different from SFTP.

Discovered by
opkg list -A | grep ftp

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Thanks, I already found 'lftp' using Luci/packages/filter, but I didn't know I could do 'opkg list -A' | grep xxx' which I find preferable to using a gui and will do so in future.

Also, wget has an FTP mode which may be suitable for simple cases.

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