[Solved] Fiber v Docsis 3+

Around the Phoenix Arizona area or general south west. Basically the line quality compared to each and devices which comprise the links.

What are the benefits of each and how does each one terminate from the isp to the user, in particular: are the modems(or terminal) for fiber superior to copper wire modems for latency? I assume the fiber converts from cat 5e at its modem. But the cable line are we talking a foot of copper wire traveling between the docsis modem to a pure fiber terminal in the home on the home or on a cabinet. Apparently cox and centurylink build FTTH. Do they travel like a dsl wire line 50’ where it hits a fiber cabinet jack on the home or how are these two technologies designed.

FTTH means that fiber extends all the way to the home. On the outside of the house they install a fiber "modem" known as an ONT (Optical Network Termination) which converts from fiber to Ethernet and/or a short distance cable transmission called MoCA, which is not the same as DOCSIS. MoCA exists because many houses have an existing network of coaxial cables but no Ethernet cables. You don't want MoCA anywhere in your system; run an Ethernet cable from the ONT to your router.

Cable has a serious limitation that many neighbors share a limited uplink band this means that your modem has to wait for a time slot to uplink. If you can get FTTH for a similar price as cable Internet, get the fiber.

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So apparently this is cox gigablast's ont, which appears to run ethernet. What I am reading is people are using a docsis modem which is "recommended for use" on cox's site but I will be using x86 maybe they just do not understand the docsis modem is not required for ethernet and they just see the coax cable and assume its a copper line? I have also seen another picture of another ont but it appears to run a seperate ethernet for net link and coax for video. Hopefully I don't get into some wierd scenario where I have to manipulate the ont for ethernet. I did that with a vdsl to remove a filter in the termination box and it truly spoiled the way they looked at me after that.

This ethernet line runs into the house and plugs into some type of small box I assume with just a single lan port, the poster refers to the item as the ont but these pictures I believe are the ont and the other is who knows some type of authentication box.

So this here


The second picture shows just one box with a fiber and an ethernet connection, and it's power supply; that's a ONT.

The ethernet cable may be connected to a router, or directly to a switch if the ONT has routing capabilities integrated.

Poor fibre has a really sharp bend in it where it connects to the ONT.

Do technicians normally do bad installation like that

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