“[Solved]”. Ethernet speed

Hi, was wondering what is the best way to check that the declared speed of my interface (10, 100, 1000)

is actually supported by my openwrt configuration ?

Is there any specific command or tool that report, easy to understand, numbers ?

I should add that I dont have any internet > 100 connectivity, but I can connect my openwrt device

to both a gigabit lan of commercial routing station, or a pc gigabit capable nic.

Any input appreciate. I am trying to figure out if my openwrt setup is really what I've tried to accomplish.


The switch configuration page in the GUI, or swconfig dev switch0 show on the CLI, should show the actual negotiated link speed on each Ethernet port that is linked.

Usually there is no option other than "automatic", so it would be unlikely to have less than the fastest possible speed due to a misconfiguration.

iperf3 seems what I was looking for, I'll let you know


Hi sorry to bother just to counter check I am a really noob

installed iperf3

used on openwrt router both as server and client here results client


same as server. Bitrates doesn't exceed 94Mbits/sec

that means that my GMII declared interface is working as MII speed ?

ethtool eth0
swconfig list
swconfig dev switch0 show

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