[Solved] ESPRESSObin VLAN, Switch ... and Port Numbering


A few items I have noticed on my ESPRESSObin v5 - may just be me (likely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), but ...

  1. The port "numbering" seems to be incorrect? WAN is LAN, and OPT is WAN. Perhaps a v5 issue?
  2. I don't seem to see any switch options / info in LuCI?
  3. Due to 2, no ability to set VLAN

Anyone else have these issues?


Your device is on DSA. This script should get you going and also get the switch config to show up in LuCI after a restart.
That answers #2 and #3. For #1, you'll need to check your /etc/board.d/02_network for pointers.

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Thanks! And you are right, I was mixing the "old" Switch item in LuCI ... that's non-DSA. Appreciate the script, will give it a try.

I just need to dig into VLAN again - always confuses me :laughing:. LuCI seems to allow me to set Egress (tagged or untagged), I need to find (remember) about how to set it for Ingress (i.e. accepted or not). Also how to make sure that the VLAN allows access to the "CPU", and what the heck Local means ... LOL.

Thanks again.

BTW, I forgot to ask ... should I / do I need to include kmod-macvlan in the build? Not sure if that's required for VLAN or not.


It seems like this only addresses naming ... not port assignment => rather, that's in the device tree (dts) files? Or am I misunderstanding?

The issue is that the port that is supposed to be WAN is rather lan0, and OPT is mis-assigned as wan.


Arrgh! Found it ... ESPRESSObin reversed the ordering, v5 vs. v7,


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