[Solved] Error when compiling on Debian Buster 64bit

I reinstall debian on my machine and install all sw i use.
When try compile openwrt i have error con check.
Error is present: feed update, make clean, etc..
This is error

The PATH is correct:

I download openwrt from git but for the check git is no't installed.

You have suggestion?

That's strange.

Can you type in command prompt:
whereis git

Here is for example on mine:
$ whereis git
git: /usr/bin/git /usr/share/man/man1/git.1.gz

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jenkins@pc-fisso:~/workspace/nnxx-firmware/source$ whereis git
git: /usr/bin/git /usr/share/man/man1/git.1.gz

Strange... here is mine path:

Can you try to remove your cuda from beginning and put it on back. Some like:


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