[Solved]Do I need a dynamic DNS service?

My WAN IP is determined by my service provider (Comcast). It can and does periodically change, but by itself I don't think this disrupts internet connectivity. Years ago, I used DYNDNS, and later Afraid, because I could remotely ssh into my home network, and this gave me a fixed domain destination. Do I need that anymore? Won't a VPN give me the same functionality w/o needing dynamic DNS?

Afraid was a pretty good, free basic service, but required periodic logins to remain active. I forgot about them, but they did maintain service anyway. If I do "need" a dynamic service, are there some recommended ones...preferably ones that are free and don't need logins every 6 months?

If your VPN/SSH/any server will be on the OpenWrt or downstream of it, you still need a domain name so you don't have to remember the (changing) IP address.

OpenWrt offers a DDNS app for the web GUI. You can use whatever DDNS provider you wish.

  • I use noip.com, they do 30 day renewals
  • I also use HE.net's DNS service - it's free with no activity timeout; but you must purchase your own domain name
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OK, guess I have to do it. [quote="lleachii, post:2, topic:30246"]
I use noip.com, they do 30 day renewals[/quote]
How do you manage the 30 day renewals? Just manually, respond to their notices? Script a response? I get annoyed by things that require constant intervention...but then I don't like to pay either :yum:

Well, No-IP sends an email to the registered address with a verification link. I simply respond to it. I'm not sure how one could script such a thing.

  • Also, Dynu.com is another well-known DDNS provider, I can't find information about expiration in their FAQ.

Switch to something free. I like https://www.duckdns.org/ enough to tip them. No jumping through hoops and does what it should.

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OK, I understand...appreciate your patience. Thx


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