[Solved] DNS Configuration

Just to clarify,

I can only put IPv4 Addresses here, right? Or can I put IPv6? I'm primarily aiming for redundancy.

IPv6 should work as well as long as you have functional IPv6 on the WAN side.

You can, but better to add custom servers in DNS server configuration as forwards.

So, something like this?

Instead of IPv4, I'll use the IPv6 variants of the DNS servers shown. Correct?

Yes. But keep in mind that v4 servers can answer both A and AAAA queries, so there is no much sense to have both v4 and v6 servers there, until you believe that you may eventually loose v4 connectivity.
Something like, should be enough in most cases, IMHO.


Would you say that once I put the DNS servers in fowards, it becomes repetitive and unnecessary if I input it in the LAN Interface?

Or do both have separate, distinct functions?

You don't need to set DNS on LAN in most cases.

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Do these settings mean anything?
I know they're fairly self-explanatory, but is there value in ticking them?

No, they are there only for fun :wink:
Please read the docs.


So, this also means you self-answered yourself, correct?

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