[Solved] DHCP settings missing from luci

New to OpenWRT, so bear with me!
Running OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7763-9537c1a / LuCI Master (git-18.220.31345-7609919) on a mir3g.

I seem to be facing a peculiar issue - my dhcp config menu from luci doesn't appear anymore after manually editing /etc/config/dhcp to add a cname entry. Everything works as expected, but just can't see any of the usual options from luci.

Are there specific logs for luci that I could look into?

This happens when you introduce syntax errors in the configuration file. Run uci show dhcp >/dev/null to test the configuration file for errors.


Ah you're right:

:~# uci show dhcp > /dev/null
uci: Parse error (invalid character in name field) at line 43, byte 29

The issue was solved by changing

config 'cname'
	option 'server.lan' 'devserver'


config 'cname'
	option 'server' 'devserver'


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