[SOLVED] Dedicated LAN6 for IPv6


My ISP provides IPv4 OR IPv6 on PPPoE session (thought FTTH ONT). Fortunately I can setup 2 sessions at a time.

I want to play\test IPv6 without breaking may main setup, so naive approach was to duplicate Firewall zones\rules, devices (create br-lan6 with dedicated lan1 port and excluding it from default br-lan); the same goes for interfaces: lan and wan6

let me illustrate it with screenshot:

the problem is that IPv6 somehow is assigned to default lan, not my lan6.

I'm definitely missing something, grateful for any help.

I'm using Xiaomi MIR3g v1 powered by Openwrt v23.05.2

Looks like someone tries the same, but it was understanding here Two LAN zoned interfaces - ipv4 and ipv6 configuration

you have a /56 and you are assigning a /56 on lan... assign a /64 on lan and you can have more interface with other ipv6 address.... or even disable ipv6 assign on lan complexly

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great, thanks!
changing IPv6 assignment length to disabled for lan helps

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