[solved]Debricking TP-Link Archer C59

Hi everyone,

I ran an Archer C59 with LEDE Trunk. Later I built my own custom image with a Freifunk gluon testing firmware as described here.
Unfortunately it didn't work after sysupgrade and the device is in a boot loop now..
With the help of this thread on Archer C58 I figured out, that there is no "normal" serial console and you have to solder RX and TX to TP4 and TP5 on the backside, which isn't quite easy. I managed to solder some wires there, but I don't receive any signal on the console.

Does anyone have an idea, especially @prisma or @pepe2k ?
Which pins did you use and connect exactly (GND?)

I would try TFTP first...


Rename the stock firmware file ArcherC59v1_tp_recovery.bin or ArcherC59v2_tp_recovery.bin depending on which version you have.

Thank you very much. I tried tftp before, but with this explanation it has worked directly and now the device is back on stock and ready for new tries.