[solved] Correct place to report suspected LuCI bug?

Hi, I believe I found a bug in LuCI but flyspray doesn't appear to be the correct place to report it. Can someone point me in the correct direction?

The issue is , from a fresh clone of trunk, Traffic Rules in LuCI are all showing IPv4, even the rules that are in place for IPv6.

Steps to reproduce:
make clean (set target system ath79 and target profile wndr3800)
make defconfig
make menuconfig (add LuCI > Collections > luci)
flash factory image via tftp recovery for fresh install
get on luci web interface and go to Network > Firewall > Traffic Rules

all rules display as IPv4, even ones that are IPv6.

/etc/config/firewall still has "option family ipv6" for the v6 rules, so this appears to me to be a luci display issue and not a rule permissions being changed issue.


Thank you fantom-x

I know that for OpenWrt issues Ashould be reported at https://bugs.openwrt.org. Not sure why LuCI should be different.

Because LuCI has its own source repo, with pull requests and bug issue tracker.

Similarly, most packages issues should be reported at the packages feed repo with its issue tracker instead of using the core OpenWrt bug tracker.


Problem also occurs on LuCI Master (git-19.194.40998-7b1aabc) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10506-cbae306815.

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