[Solved] Configuring Mesh network at OpenWrt


I'm trying to make wired mesh network with my 3 velops (whw03v2).

I'm bit confused at configuring it.

First of all my velop only has two ports that no difference btw them. Also, I am using network switch(gs308e) under main router to use other ethernet connected devices as same internal network. But, when I checked ip in desktop that connected under velop2, It seems other eternal network (not 192.168.1.x) . What's the problem of my configuration?
also, I already made sub velops as dumb AP but it doesn't work as wired ap.

screenshot is from ... ?

it's from main velop1 via wifi

and what does the others look like ?

or at least post the /etc/network/config and firewall.

what happens if you connect the desktop directly to velop1, using ethernet cable ?

What you describe is NOT a mesh network.
A mesh network provides a wireless backhaul network for connecting things like access points or other networks....
What you are describing is just a network of wired access points.

https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/mesh/80211s for a description.

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Thank you for the comment.

I solved this problem by configuring br-lan.

My problem was the only one port is used at br-lan that I cannot use the other port.
I added both of eth 0 and eth1 at br-lan and it worked as wired AP as @bluewavenet said.

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