[SOLVED] Compilation of single package against given target

Hey all,
I wanted to give a try to port mirroring package under netgear R7800 and Linksys E4200 v1. Sadly even if package installation succeeded its execution fails. For R7800 it throws "illegal argument" message. Out of 10 attempts to run port mirroring daemon it sustained just one time and forwarded 1000 packets.. and died. I followed error message found in log output and found that package is 2 years old and it is outdated compared to latest sources.
This brought me to place where I need to build a single package against given target platform to test it. I don't need full firmware build, just this signle package. I run arch on daily basis, however I could not get successfull lede build locally (no surprise as my C/C++ is rather poor). I've tried to use Vagrant config mentioned in developer docs, however it fails for me too (ie. it requires building from root user, which blows up tar build, with extra variable it goes forward, but fails at another step).

Is there a way to compile single package with available SDK? Or maybe another way to get it over? Could any of you point me some tutorial which covers that? I have no issues with fixing package descriptor, simple C code or tunning configurations, however I need a starting point with deterministic build results. How do you isolate your snapshot builds on CI server, if it's not a secret?


After digging around openwrt build and reading resources on the web I've found a way to get it over - make accepts custom path to be built:
make packages/port-mirroring/compile
will build only this package and no others.

Kudos to "WatchMySys": https://watchmysys.com/blog/2015/10/build-package-your-software-for-openwrt/