[Solved] Can I assign WiFi to only one VLAN?

Hi all, new here. Hoping to find some "idiots guide" level help on assigning WiFi to a VLAN please.
We've had an OpenWRT (LEDE?) router for years now. But I know B-all about networking. Managed to stumble through some other posts, installed OpenWRT and got two VLANs set up on different physical ports (my thanks to all those people who posted that stuff).
But what I'd like to do now - and I can't find any idiot-level guides for it - is to assign my router's wifi to just one of these VLANs. But I'm not even sure this is possible to do?
The hardware is NETGEAR WNDR3700v4. Its modem is off - we're using it only as a router (it's behind our provider's own modem for the security of knowing the modem will have a config on it that I haven't screwed up :slight_smile: )
I configure it (well I try to) via LUCI.
Current OpenWRT version installed is 19.07.3, and loath to upgrade and break things unless it's vital that I do?
I am a jobbing programmer... but never done anything with networking before. Most of the acronyms just make my head spin.
Cheers, Ian.

What i did is make separate bridge devices for each of WLAN-SSids
added them to LAN_X interface and use that LAN_X network in Wireless config.

Thank you. Sadly I think I will struggle to follow your lead... I suspect I'm more of an idiot than you appreciate! Many concepts are already alien to me. Your config looks like entries in a non-GUI config file - not something I feel safe getting into.

Don't fret, everything you want can be done via the GUI. Assuming this is a gateway router to the internet then simply:

  1. Create the wifi station(s) e.g. SSID, password, authentication etc...
  2. Create the VLAN interface by giving it a name e.g. VLAN10 and assign it to a vlan interface. You may need to create the new vlan interface by typing in eth0.10 or eth1.10 depending on your router h/w.
  3. Assign your wifi stations to each VLAN and this will automatically bridge the wireless station to your newly created VLAN.

Tip: when setting up your additional VLANs do not use VLANs 0,1,2 as these are generally reserved.

If I haven't missed anything then that's all there is to it. Try to connect to the wireless station using your mobile and see if you have been assigned an IP address.


Thank you. Currently away from the office but will try later today. I shall also bone-up on what an "interface" is :slight_smile: My main worry is that I muddle-through and it all appears to work... but through ignorance I leave a massive security hole in my network.

Well, that worked fine, many thanks. (I'd insert the "surprised" emoji if I knew the shortcut for it.) The whole setup could be done from the LuCI->Network->Wireless page: not only setting up the wireless station itself but also which VLAN to attach it to. And there's even an "Isolate Clients" option which panders to my security paranoia :slight_smile: