[SOLVED] Bricked Tp-Link WR1043ND v4

Hi all.
I successfully bricked my beloved v4. TFTP and TTL methods upload only a portion of stock firmware (60-70 %) .
Is there something I can try or should I replace it?
Many-many thanks :slight_smile:


I want to share with you guys an amazing tool that flashes stock firmware with a TTL cable and a couple of clicks.
The tool is HERE

This tool is the same as putty and tftp server that is packed in one light aplication, it has autorun feature so we'll just have to click one button and this app will do all the debricking process for you.

Follow the instructions here:

  1. Make sure you hook up all GND, RX and TX correctly.
  2. Choose your router firmware from File -> Source Firmware
  3. Set the COM port via "Com port"
  4. Click AutoRun -> Start
  5. Power up your router and wait for all the process to complete.

You can also do it manually by clicking "Manual" -> "Start" it'll then show a pop up to type in your commands manually. Don't forget to click the "send" button to execute your command.

Why is this tool only available on a google drive?
What is the original source of this tool?

I have no idea. I picked it from a youtube comment.
Works like a charm.

I think this is the video...

There is a comment that mentions the Google Drive tool.

IMO, this is much easier...


Yep...that thread contains same link as I posted above.

It also works for several other TP-Link routers as well.

Follows the naming convention ModelVersionNumber_tp_recovery.bin

I've used it for Archer C7's.

NOT for US routers (and possibly EU and IL as well).

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I read the translated page that said it isn't.

Stop promoting something that could brick rather than fix a router.

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