[SOLVED] ASUS RT-N12 LX support?


I am more of a simple consumer and do not understand pretty much anything about networking or embeded systems.
I have been thinking of installing LEDE/OpenWrt on my Asus RT-N12 LX, mainly to allow connecting to my home computer by SSH via the Internet, which is not readily avalible in the vendors firmware (having an open OS is a very nice bonus too). However, I am concerned that my verion of the router (LX) is not on the ToH. Nevertheless, I've got my spirits up, because other, very similar models are mentioned there. Namely, RT-N12 D1, RT-N12E, RT-N12+ and RT-N12HP.

For all I can see, the only difference (not just visual) between my model and RT-N12E is the antennas. So perhaps the same build would fit my device too? The differences with the other models are more noticeable.

I am okay with command line, but a GUI would be much appreciated, thus I would prefer to install a stable build, even though it is only listed for models with bigger differences from mine.

Also, how likely am I to seriously break things if I try installing a build that doesn't fit (after making a backup)?

Thank you kindly and sorry for any language problems.

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The LX is the only one in the series that uses the Realtek chip, (Realtek is not supported)...

RT-N12 supported...




Extremely likely.

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