[Solved] Archer C7 v2, two bridged networks, configuration does not work


I can not successfully configure my Archer C7 V2 as I want :wink:


A network "LAN" has bridge with eth1 and two wireless interfaces
This network hat Archer IP

A second network "GAST" has bridge with eth0 and another wireless interface
This network has Archer IP

Default gateway and DNS is located in network "LAN"

Users in network "LAN" should be able to reach LAN and internet (over default gateway)
Users in network "GAST" should only be able to reach internet!

I have added forwarding rules to limit GAST access to but
GAST users can not reach the internet...

Can somebody please check my configuration?


Hello again,

I solved the problem on my own.

I used the example from
https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/guestwifi/guest-wlan-webinterface and removed eth0 from network GAST.

But there is a pitfall.
I use only two zones (LANZONE, GASTZONE) and need an additional ADMIN firewall rule.
This rule permits management of the router itself!
The last two rules are limiting LAN acces to the internet gateway.

This is my working configuration:



Hopefully this helps other people with the same situation.


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