[Solved] Archer c7 V2 NEW FLASH CHIP support

Hi there, I'm new in this forum and I have a question.
I've an Archer c7 v2, the one with new flash chip; for older version of Lede there is a patch, but nothing about Lede 17.0.1

Is this fully supported by the new release?
I've got the latest stock EU firmware, that is blocked.
Is this the correct file to flash? archer-c7-v2-squashfs-factory-eu.bin

Just flash it from the tplink interface?

Thanks in advance

Your question looks like this thread and I'm linking it here so you get the full story: Flash chip patch for Archer C7 v2 in LEDE 17.01

Short answer is yes, the firmware you pointed out is the appropriate one and your router is supported.

You should not have any problems flashing the firmware from TP-Link stock interface. If you do, there is the tftp recovery way to do it.

Many thanks.

Now I've Lede on my router with success.

Great to know! I've marked your thread as solved if you don't mind.