[Solved] Archer C60 OPENVPN version in OpenWrt firmware? NordVPN


I am new here and want to setup NordVPN on a router via OPEN-VPN. I did spoke to the NordVPN live chat representative and they advised me at first that it's not possible to connect the Archer C60 to OPENVPN after flashing to OPEN-WRT custom firmware because:

"So, yea, you could flash your router with custom OpenWRT firmware, however, the latest OpenWRT software for your mentioned router might be too old to work correctly with our servers
For example, it could be that your router would using OpenVPN 2.3.2 version. Recently, most NordVPN servers were upgraded to use a newer version of OpenVPN. To be specific, your router needs OpenVPN 2.4 version support.

If you decide to flash your router, do it at your own risk as it may damage your router and void the warranty. For that reason, we do not help with the flashing process and are not liable for any possible damages.

Otherwise, there’s nothing much to be done. The only alternative would be to have NordVPN setup on compatible devices (phones, computers, tablets, etc.). "

I would like someone to please clarify this to me if the Archer C60 have the support of OPENVPN 2.4?
Or in simple words will I be able to setup the NordVPN OPENVPN service after flashing to the custom firmware of the OPEN-WRT? Thanks

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Hello, thanks for your reply with information.

In simple words it supports the NordVPN OpenVPN?

You'd best to ask NordVPN about compatibility with OpenVPN 2.5.
However, I expect it to work by default unless they explicitly state otherwise.

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Thanks for your reply and help.
They confirmed that they support OPENVPN 2.5 and 2.6.

I will flash my router with Open-WRT and i hope so I will succeed in this process.

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