[SOLVED]Archer C-6 v2 Guest WiFi radio

Archer C-6 v2 has 3 radio modules.

I need to create Guest WiFi network, for this purpose created new network(Interface) GUEST, with own IP subnet.
Bind this net to radio1

But module radio1 wantnt to start


Help me please.

Did you add a third radio? OpenWrt wiki and Wikidevi talk about just two radios. Dmesg doesn't show anything about a wlan2 (does talk about wlan0 and wlan1 though).

What does wifi status radio1 show? Can you paste your /etc/config/wireless?

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Did you add a third radio?

No, I don't.

OpenWrt wiki and Wikidevi talk about just two radios.

But original firmware, as I remember, has function "Guest SSID", how do they do it in this case?

wifi status radio1

The radios are the physical devices, archer c6 only has 2 of them( 5ghz and 2.4 ghz). You have to press the luci add button next to a working radio to add another ssid.

Probably you have to remove the radio2 in your wireless config, change the default_radio2 to default_radio1, let it use radio1,
and then you can continue adding your guest network with luci.

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Typically, you'll see e.g. wlan1-1 when you create an additional network on an interface. Reset your wireless network, and consult the wiki:


From the CLI, while connected by wire,
rm /etc/config/wireless

Then log back in to GUI and you should have only two radios. Enable them and configure APs as needed. Guest WiFi is an extra AP on one or both radios, connected to an isolated network instead of lan..


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