Solution to "can’t boot tftp recovery Archer C6 v2"


  1. make sure your NIC and router configuration are disabled auto negotiation and set to 100Mbps full duplex
  2. temporary disable your firewall
  3. temporary disable your Antivirus
  4. remove your wan cable (make sure to connect after flash... you will need internet connection for your updates)
  5. download tftpd32
  6. download putty
  7. download firmware and the system upgrade
    8.proceed to flash (tftp server...)

Flash instruction using TFTP recovery:

Connect the computer to one of the LAN ports of the router
Set the computer IP to
Start a tftp server with the OpenWrt factory image in the
tftp root directory renamed to ArcherC6v2_tp_recovery.bin.
Connect power cable to router, press and hold the reset
button and turn the router on
Keep the reset button pressed until the WPS LED lights up
Wait for about 2 minutes to complete flashing

install luci... (you can find luci installation instruction in youtube)