Solution for RTSP proxification


currently I use port forwarding to my IP Cam port to use RTSP video flow. I would like to try to proxify my RTSP flow. Is there a RTSP proxy solution on OpenWRT ?

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  • What is an RTSP proxy?
  • I'm confused, wouldn't you still need to have the URI to a host/IP (i.e. your IP) and a port (i.e. the one forwarded to the RTSP server)?
  • "Proxify" how?

A RTSP proxy is a solution which proxify RTSF flow. is an example of implementation.

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OK, first, the link you sent said depreciated. Next, following the link, I found:

Usage as RTSP Proxy

An RTSP proxy is usually deployed in one of these scenarios:

  • when there are multiple users that are receiving a stream and the bandwidth is limited, so the proxy is used to receive the stream once. Users can then connect to the proxy instead of the original source.
  • when there's a NAT / firewall between a stream and the users, in this case the proxy is installed in the NAT and makes the stream available to the outside world.


  • Is the server elsewhere (doesn't seem to fit scenario No. 1 from the link; nor your description)?
  • You already NAT with a Port Forward, so why would you want to install proxy software - taking more CPU and memory?

Perhaps I don't understand the use case...except you only want to stream once from your server...but you still use bandwidth and more resources at the router...



Try Twitch as a proxy :grin:

(I use ffmpeg to get the stream from the camera, convert it and send the stream to Twitch)


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