SolidRun ClearFog CX LX2K

I'm very much interested in devices that supply more than one SFP/QSFP whatever Fiber connection. I've always wanted to get me some SolidRun Macchiatobin but I need to save some money first :slight_smile:
Now I spotted this ClearFog CX LX2K which at least runs Linux. Does anybody have an idea if it might one day also get supported by OpenWrt?

Well it's funny when after about a year and a half you suddenly stumble over your own thread.
Did someone maybe get this device into their hands?

With a price tag of $1000 I'd get a Supermicro X10SDV-something (there are several models/versions) and a quad SFP+ PCIe card.

Not sure how the Xeon performs, compared to a Cortex A72 CPU though.

I've ordered one of these for a home router. SuperMicro indeed makes some devices in similar form factor, but they are more expensive, and come nowhere close to 100Gbit/s capability without sinking ~500 more in a (Q)SFP+ card