Softether vpn server

Dear All,

I've previously had softether installed on a raspberry pi but since its aging I thought to try installing softether directly within the openwrt system. My hardware is x86. I've trouble finding a walkthrough on how to do that, and the closest was a chinese youtube video on an older version of openwrt which I couldnt get it to work on mine. I thought it'd be a good chance to document the steps here. I'm on 22.03.rc4

  1. Using softethervpn5-server from luci
  2. Access via server manager on another pc
  3. create VPN hub, TAP devices
  4. add TAP device to br_lan under devices?
  5. open firewall ports?

For 4 and 5 I'm totally lost, due to difference in openwrt version from the youtube video. If anyone can share the firewall and network configs that'd help.

Not sure if anyone is also having the bug where the settings are all gone after a restart. This is actually a dealbreaker obviously so if this is indeed a bug I don't think its worth trying to get the settings working

Any users of softether vpnserver on openwrt?

For some reason I could finally make it work with softethervpn-server (4.38-9760-2) and not softethervpn5-server, if can anyone else is having the same issue.

Are you able to detail the steps you took to get it working? I've been having similar issues but managed to get a OpenVPN connection to Softether working. Like you, v5 doesn't appear to work but I was able to with v4.

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