SoftEther VPN Server on OpenWrt: Couldn't Get IP address by DHCP on Client Side

I am trying to create a L2TP VPN server follwing this guide (Though I installed SoftEther directly from OpenWrt official repo). By part 6a, I was expecting get IPv4 and IPv6 address assigned by interface br-lan's DHCP server. But then found out that I have to manually set IPv4 address on client side (Windows), otherwise I would get Error 720.

My OpenWrt /etc/config/network content is available at Interface br-lan's DHCP server is up and running as I can get address assigned by DHCP on other device connected physically to br-lan. The virtual tap interface's name is tap-tap and I think that I have correctly bridged it to br-lan.

And firewall settings:

Name Zone -> Forwardings Input Output Forward Masquerading MSS clamping
lan lan -> lab_lan, njucm_lan, lab_lan Accept Accept Accept
wan wan -> REJECT Reject Accept Reject
njucm_lan njucm_lan -> REJECT Accept Accept Reject
lab_lan lab_lan -> ACCEPT Accept Accept Accept

P.S. I tested from NJUCM_Lan, this should't be related to firewall because I could connect to server.

Hi. If you're still interested in fixing this, i suggest you use softether's vpnazure cloud vpn service. It can traverse NATs and Firewalls, including OpenWRT's. No need to configure anything in the firewall. I just successfully configured a remote access setup on my home router.

How have you derived, that you've BRIDGED tap-tap? On firewall configuration I see only forwarding rules.

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