Softether Setting not saved to flash - have to copy the configuration file


I am using Softether as Server and Bridge between two OpenWRT routers and have the issue that the settings are not saved to the flash. So after restart the settings are reset to the version I copied to the location via ssh. That workaround is fine but I like to simplify it. So does anybody know how I can made it work that the configuration file is stored in flash or I can persists it? Thinking about writing a short copy script and execute it with custom commands plugin...


Sound like you wrote the wrong image to the flash.

As for a workaround, I'd add the commands to the local start up script.

Do not understand what you mean with "wrong image"?

Installed the standard router image and installed Softether via opkg.
The configuration file is stored in tmpfs, located in /var/softethervpn/vpn_bridge.config

I think its been copied there by the startup script. Perhaps I can add a "copy" command during shutdown that it is saved then? What do your think...

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common


        logger -t 'softethervpn5' "Starting softether bridge service."

        [ -d /var/softethervpn ] || mkdir -p -m 0775 /var/softethervpn

        [ -f /var/softethervpn/hamcore.se2 ] || ln -sf /usr/libexec/softethervpn/hamcore.se2 /var/softethervpn/
        [ -f /var/softethervpn/lang.config  ] || ln -sf /usr/libexec/softethervpn/lang.config /var/softethervpn/

        [ -f /var/softethervpn/vpnbridge ] || ln -sf /usr/libexec/softethervpn/vpnbridge /var/softethervpn/
        [ -f /var/softethervpn/vpn_bridge.config ] || ln -sf /usr/libexec/softethervpn/vpn_bridge.config /var/softethervpn/

        procd_set_param env LANG=en_US.UTF-8
    procd_set_param command /var/softethervpn/vpnbridge start --foreground
    procd_set_param respawn

And we're supposed to know this how, exactly?

If you accidentally wrote the initramfs instead, the changes wouldn't have been recorded.

Nor did you specify which device you used, so more guessing from us...