Softether openwrt/lede

ive succesfully installed softether in openwrt
but i had no browse as it connec
i dont know how or what to do..
is it like a openvpn that needs tun adapter or
pls help me with the settings with the netowrk interface and firewall
image may help you understand how it works

softethervpn on openwrt consist of server birdge and client...what if i want to use only the client ...i could not find any git or tutorial about softether client only...

has anyone try this one!!!

PLS HELP!!! i installed softethervpn on xiaomi i used the softhetetvpn is connected...but i got no browse...what is the settings for lan i have to make a tun adapter...or pls help

yep it all goes to the routing from phil...and ive already done it...already running GLOBE no load SE style

Hi jknee00! I was looking for the same tutorial. Im from philippines to. Could u help me how to set things up. Thanks!

Hi i will help to get internet by softether client

First add soft ether vpn server ip address in static route comes from WAN and make metric to 0
And wan interface has metric to 1

Second try to connect softether client from Terminal CLI
Third add new dhcp client in luci interfaces and choose softether network adapter created in terminal
Now it will connected by interface and gets new ip address

That' all..

Best Regards,
Eng., Tarek Herik

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