SOCK5 proxy for torrent client

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Before I can explain to you what I want, let me give you my network map.

I connect to my main router via WiFi, main router is Keenetic II and I get internet from LTE modem. Unlimited, cheap, high speed, but no torrents. High speed we talking about 50 down and 7 up, and cheap as in 11 bucks per month...... I installed secondary router --- DIR-300NRU rev B5 with OpenWRT 15.05.1-ramips-rt305 --- and via WiFi it connects to my neighbors WiFi as a client and on LAN I get internet, which is slower 2.5 down 3 up, but no torrent restriction. Anyway, this secondary router's LAN interface I set to static, disabled DHCP and via cable connected it to my primary router. So on my main network it is accessible via gateway.

Now the idea is to setup qBitTorrent to use a proxy on so that I can download and upload torrents when I need it.

So this is why I'm here...... As you might know, for bittorrent proper proxy is SOCKS5. HTTP proxy is bad, because clients can see your IP. It can be used but it's not advisable. Obviously I have no problem finding out information about installing HTTP proxy on OpenWRT, there are several to choose from.

What I'm not clear about is how to go about installing SOCKS5 proxy. So this is my question, on my version of OpenWRT how do I install and configure a small and fast SOCKS5 proxy?

Good news or bad news?

First good news - Socks5 works on TCP only.
Bad news - Socks5 doesn't support UDP.

99.9% of Torrents are using UDP.

Therefore whole combination won't work as you expect.

incorrect - SOCKS5 supports udp
now for OP - 15.05.1 is unsupported for a few years now
if you do want to use it for SOCKS5 proxy you can install sockd (dante server)
see official docs on how to set it up

This also depends from SOCKS servers and on SOCKS client implementation.

i'm talking about protocol - and that supports udp - also dante server - even the abandoned tiny srelay did

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