Snmpd crash loop

Upgrading from r9945-bc85640cdc to r10084-b97d44af67 has caused the same issue. Re-flashing is not solving this time. Device is a Meraki MX60W.

Any ideas.

Given that the problem seems to have been introduced within a fairly small range of commits, git-bisect should come up with an answer within 5-6 steps.

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@slh... to be honest..I have no clue how one:

  • uses the command for this
  • why it's useful for things like this
  • how I fix the problem with this command

I was able to do this:

I see nothing recent for "snmp."

snmpd is part of the packages feed (net/net-snmp), so you'll probably have to bisect both the main repo and the packages feed individually (although there haven't been changes to net/net-snmp since february, which suggests the problem coming from the main repo instead).

Therefore I'd start with (see

$ git clone
$ cd openwrt
$ ./scripts/feeds update -a
$ ./scripts/feeds install -a
$ git bisect start
$ git bisect bad b97d44af67
$ git bisect good bc85640cdc
[import your .config]
$ make oldconfig
$ make -j$(($(nproc) * 2))

[always run make oldconfig between iterations]

mark the iterations as git bisect good or git bisect bad as needed and continue with make -j$(($(nproc) * 2)) oldconfig world.

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@slh I'll try this, I do have some questions, though. I may PM you.

Also, I reopened the issue on GitHub.

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AN UPDATE: Issue doesn't occur on OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10087-6a92eb5b38.

Occurs on OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10124-405e08bee6

Working (no crash loop) using OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10127-3209f5ae3d

Upgraded from OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10325-b16faf9bc7 (working)

Now not working: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10494-e05310b9b8