Snapshot version how to read?

how to read the snapshot version i.e date built and version used? e.g which date this snapshot was built on? and this is based on which Openwrt version eg 23.05rc5 or something like that?


The serial number will match the commit number.



BTW, it would been nice for you to copy/paste the version, I had to type it myself. Nonetheless, it's in the main branch - it's dated:

Fri, 7 Jul 2023 11:38:38 -0400 (17:38 +0200)

Hope this helps.

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thanks. It was my mistake should have copy pasted the version.

how can I check if these patches have been merged into the main branch or not?

Just a guess - to check for anything, you can search the official Git (linked above)?

I would try searching by the author's email address.

And BTW, the method I used to search the commit number was by looking at the page's source for each branch - which easily exposes the URLs to each commit. From there I just did a page search (CTRL+F) for the string 0e83b5e6cc. I'm sure there's a simpler method.

I didn't find that commit.

I also searched WNDR4500.

isn't it synced with openwrt github pulls?

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