SNAPSHOT: LuCI will not launch r17571 and r17581 on WRT1900ACv1

  1. Installed sysupgrade over previous daily snapshot
  2. Installed LuCI
opkg update
opkg install luci
  1. Tried to access via HTTP.
  2. Tried to CURL OpenWrt from another client
curl -v http://{IP address}
curl -v https://{IP address}
  1. Tried rebooting after installing LuCI
  2. Reverted back previous partition. All good

Same issue, LuCI won't launch with
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r17581-2c9a07ed28

Reverted back to
OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r17554-da5bb885e1

SNAPSHOT r17598 Luci seem to work at the moment,