Snapshot Install Vs. Snapshot Upgrade (Archer C6)


I'm very new to OpenWRT and I have just received my new Archer C6 (v. 3.2).

There is only a snapshot release for this model. My question is do I have to install the snapshot upgrade after the Snapshot Install version ?

The reason I'm asking is that I saw few youtube videos where the Upgrade version is installed immediately after the Install version.

I was previously under the impression that you only use the Snapshot Upgrade version to upgrade an already existing Openwrt installation to a newer version but I'm very confused now since multiple videos (for the same model) are showing that you have to install the Install version from stock then followed by the upgrade. Shouldn't both files have the same version ?

Also, the device page mentions an upgrade process but it's not clear whether this a step that needs to be done immediately after the initial install or only incase of version updates in the future.

This is the process that is demonstrated in many videos:

opkg update
opkg install wget
wget [URL] --no-check-certificate
sysupgrade -v [FILENAME]

opkg update
opkg install luci-ssl-nginx
opkg install --force-depends --force-maintainer --force-overwrite wpad-openssl

In other videos, the Upgrade file is installed from the GUI after LUCI is installed.

This is what I have done:

1- Downloaded and Installed Snapshot version from stock firmware GUI
2- opkg update
3- opkg install luci

This worked for me like a charm but i'm wondering if skipped steps this way and missing important components.

Totally sorry for the very newbie question.

The 3 steps you completed is the correct procedure.

btw, OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc5 'Release Candidate' is available for C6 v3.x

You can use LuCI to install the sysupgrade.bin. It includes LuCI.
I would recommend 'Do not keep settings'.

If you continue to use the 'snapshot' you have installed, you may encounter difficulties installing optional packages at a later date. ie. you would need to update the snapshot.

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thanks for your help.

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