Snapshot bricked Netgear WNDRMACv2 (WNDR3800)

Hi, I've just tried to sysupgrade my Netgear WNDRMAC v2 (WNDR3800) with the latest snapshot r26390 dated May 23 from and it bricked the device.
The upgrade seems to have proceeded properly, but I can't access the router via

Any ideas why this happened and if I should try another snapshot in the following days?

Note: the snapshot is supposedly based on kernel 6.1, instead of 5.5 used in the stable version 23.05.3. The firmware image of the snapshot is only 6.23 MB (up from 6.09 MB on 23.05.3), so it's not a matter of insufficient flash space, the device has 16 MB flash.

@frollic Thanks, if I request a new build via 'Customize installed packages' here
will it contain LuCi?

Yes, it should, since luci is listed as one of the packages.

You could also install the webui manually, if you follow the links on the wiki page I posted.

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