SmartDNS on Openwrt Router

Dear All;
I need to use SMART DNS on my openwrt router, but i don't have a static IP from my ISP, so my IP keeps on changing (dyanmic IP)... in order to get connected via SMARTDNS.. then you need keep on updating Your dynamic IP with SMARTDNS servers...

any idea how we can do this automatically on OpenWRT? i tried SMART DNS apps on github hub they don't support my setup..

pls help me

I don't see smartdns being supported out of the box. This doesn't mean that it cannot work, but there is no guide and it has not been tested.
If there is no specific reason to use Smartdns, there are a lot of other dynamic dns providers to choose.

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hi tks for your reply... actually why i'm looking for smartDNS to watch content from US and Europe etc.. as of now we don't have Disney+ in our country so only options are you use VPN or SMARTDNS...
but with VPN; internet SPEED gets reduced like nothing.... (100Mbps--> 2-4Mbps)

so that;s why i'm looking the above option

i have tried this...

but no luck

This smartdns package for OpenWrt does not change your location. VPN is what you need. This package here just lets you list multiple upstream DNS servers and periodically probes the full list to determine which is the fastest at the time. It may improve DNS resolution performance but does nothing for your location IP.

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