Smart dns proxy Error with Android TV devices

Recently upgraded my streaming device to Nvidia Shield which is using the Android TV. i am using smartdns proxy to bypass geoblocking. I am getting this proxy error from streaming apps . Few apps worked but some videos didn't play. The same smart dns is working with all streaming apps with Windows 10 PC. I have Openwrt installed in my router and tried the settings recommended by my smart dns service provider, but its not helping either. Can anybody please help me to solve this ?

you probably need to set the DHCP options
if already done, make sure you intercept or block all stray DNS calls in the FW.

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Thank you frolic,
i did configure DNS over TLS with Stubby and Dnsmasq. Now how can i integrate my smartdns in here?

Point them towards your smartDNS, alt provide smartDNS DNS IPs only to the devices needing it, using