Small and lightweight >2x2:2 802.11n devices?

I'm currently searching for small and lightweight 2x2:2 (at least) devices that support lede/openwrt. The goal is to put them on drones (UAVs). I initially searched usb dongle to put on rasberry pi zero devices, but it seems having 2x2:2 usb dongle fully compatible with linux is hard, as often constructor just ship different chipset labelled as one device.

So, I changed gears and i'm now searching for small devices such as the tl-wr802N (problem with this one is I only find v4 devices, that are not yet supported by openwrt; see Support for TP-LINK TL-WR802N V4 ).

I do not care about 802.11 ac, but it could be a plus; i'm mainly interested in 802.11n devices that i can buy (this last part is important, as often I just find some interesting models but they are not available anymore anywhere).

Do you happen to know such devices?

Thanks in advance,


Try the Nexx WT3020.

802N v4 should be supported soon.
Depends on testing now