Small addition to TOH: Linksys EA7300 v2


To prevent this, add this code to etc/rc.local

/rom/sbin/mtd unlock s_env
/rom/sbin/mtd erase s_env
exit 0

In my default 21.02.1 release, '/etc/rc.local' was not executable. Executable permissions need to be implemented.
chmod +x /etc/rc.local

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I have use this tweak to setup this device a couple of weeks ago. It works fine, despite being quite harsh in principle. I didn't have to use chmod.
EA7300v2 is a newly supported device, so the support is scarse. Probably few people have switched it to OpenWrt. I don't know if another method could be possible, it should involve modifying the bootloader to fix the bootcount issue.

I've not played with this yet. Per the documentation, it should work on this device.

It works, I have already tested it.
But this doesn't solve the boot issue, it just switches voluntarily to the "other" partition containing Linksys firmware.