Slow Wifi on LAN ArcherC2600

How can I improve the speed in WLAN? with the original firmware it went faster. When I try to send files over LAN it only reaches 9mb

What’s the signal strength? You might need to tell the WiFi radio what country you are in. iw reg (get|set) (from memory, might be slightly different). Reason was because without that it defaulted to lowest settings, and outright blocked some channels altogether even if they are legal in your country.

So we are all clear,

  1. What was the speeds on original factory firmware ?
  2. Signal strength
  3. WiFi mode - g,n , ac ?
  4. If ac how wide did the clients negotiate with ? (20mhz, 40mhz, 80mhz)
  5. What WiFi channel number was in use
  6. What version of openwrt are you on?
  1. I remeber when I sent a file on Lan it reached 20-30mb
  2. In CMD with te command ´´netsh wlan show interface´´ show signal =90%
    reception speed 866.7 mbps and Transmission speed 866.7
  3. AC mode
  4. 80mhz
  5. Channel 36
    6 OpenWrt 19.07.2