Slow wifi, but good eth speeds

I recently flashed OpenWRT on my TP Link WDR3600 which was running dd-wrt for a long time. Everything works well except wifi speeds. My pc gets ~280mb/s down and 6mb/s up on ethernet, but only ~25mb/s down and 6mb/s up on average (its very inconsistent) wia wireless. Its interesting that the upload speed doesn't change much.

Buffer bloat isn't great doesn't seem to be a major concern.





Is this over the 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi? Also, which WiFi version is your PC using? (like, 802.11ac or WiFi 5)

The tests above were done on 2.4ghz. If I connect my phone to 5ghz it gets ~50mb/s (it gets ~30 on 2.4). Better but not great. I'm about 5 feet from my router so I'd expect it to be a little closer to my eth speed.

My pc's network adapter says 802.11b/g/n and my phone is less forthcoming with details but I'm certain its the same.

So it seems its not a problem with the devices, but rather something on the router that is slowing it down.

Everything else in openwrt is so incredibly easy to set up so if I can get this rectified I'll be thrilled.

The router can only do wifi-n on 2.4 and 5 GHz

What is your reference to compare wifi? stock firmware? other APs?

25-50mbit is a good range for older wifi-n equipment, with or without OpenWRT. It won’t get better, I am afraid.
Newer AC equipment may have slightly better wifi-n performance as well, but not much.

You need wifi an wifi-AC AP and have AC-clients to get into a range of 100-400mbit (depending on distance) with OpenWRT. (I would advice against wifi AX equipment for end users until more maturity is reached in OpenWRT drivers)


I didn't test anything other than openwrt because everything always worked adequately and I didn't care. But after flashing openwrt my firetv stick was acting up and taking a long time to load things and I assumed the firmware switch was the culprit. Maybe everything will work fine tonight when I watch some tv and this will end up having been a waste of time.

There is a radio setting Force 40mhz Mode that openwrt disable by default for compatibility at expense of performance