Slow Wan Speed on a MikroTik RouterBoard RB951G-2HnD

Hi Guys, I fell in this rabbit hole this weekend! I wished i'd know OpenWRT before! I can finally get rid of my ISP router!

So I repurposed a old Mikrotik TB951g. the reflash was easy and flawless.I Configured a Vlan for my IoT, one for the Guest SSID. etc.

My only issue is the Internet speed. I have a 1Gbps FTTH internet connection with bell Canada.

the GPON was connected to a HP procurve switch, OpenWRT manage the PPPoE part.

The latency is correct but I can't barely go over 150mbps Upload and Download. I purchased a TP-Link MC220L thinking maybe the issue was with the HP switch, same speed.

The RB951G didn't seem to to be overloaded. CPU didn't rise over 40% on a speed test. (see screenshot below)

Is there a way to optimize the WAN throughput? With the "OEM" firmware I never had any speed issue...

I did some reading on this forum but I'm still clueless about the cause of this slow internet speed.

Thanks! :wink:

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You may want to start with reading this thread.
Do you have any Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) devices connected to the built-in or to the external switch.

every interface mount at 1000mbps... I'll try to reconnect my ISP modem and use it in bridge mode to see if I got better speed.

I'll try to setup OPENwrt on a Virtual machine to see how it goes. I might be able to get rid of this router like that!

Which OpenWRT version are you using?
Are you using the default configuration of eth1 wan?
Mikrotik stock firmware uses fast track and caching to increase throughput speed.