Slow WAN download performance HH5A with 22.03.5

I have two BT HH5a routers (the second is simply for backup) and decided to upgrade one of them from 19.07 to 22.03.5. I've since run ookla speedtest and found that the upgraded device is now seeing much slower WAN download performance than its sibling still running19.07.

19.07.2 Download 74.26, Upload 18.60
22.03.5 Download 53.3, Upload 18.61

This is a significant reduction. Any thoughts appreciated.

Are packet steering and software flow offloading enabled which may help?

Were speed tests conducted over ethernet?

Yes, speedtest conducted from ethernet-attached PC.

I'll re-run after enabling software flow. Sorry for my ignorance - how do I enable packet steering ?

Also, if I compare the /etc/config files between the two routers, the slower 22.03 router has an " option mtu '1458' " statement which doesn't exist in the faster router running. Is this a possible culprit too ?

Off top of my head, Packet Steering check box is may be in: Interfaces menu > Global options tab.

I didn't think any MTU was configured by default.

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Per your suggestion I've enabled Packet Steering & Software Flow offload and, for good luck, removed the MTU statement too. Router with the newer 22.03 firmware is now getting 71.6/18.6 which is the same ballpark throughput as I was seeing with 19.07. Without changing one setting at a time, it's difficult to identify whether one of these settings had the bigger impact.

Thanks for your help.

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