Slow Speed on MT7620


I have my custom Hardware, with MT7620 (Similar to ASUS RT-AC51u)

Using OpenWRT 19, speed test is about, 60MBsec, and USB AC 5ghz key, is about 90MBsec

Using OpenWRT 21, I had many problems of disconnection, partially solved by adding
option disassoc_low_ack '0'

But Speed test is only 5MBsec download, 10MBsec upload.
AC 5GHZ USB speed is ok, 90MBsec.

What measures can I do and how can I understand the cause?
Can you be an OpenWrt 21 bug?

Could be a regression of the rt2x00 driver in case you are talking about 2.4GHz Wifi performance.
Important to know is also that enabling Management Frame Protection (802.11w) will hurt performance on the 2.4GHz Wifi of the MT7620 as no hardware path is implemented for MFP; however, that should not be that significant.

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yes, 2.4G have horrible performances
What is Driver Regression and how to resolve ?

On V19, good performance, driver is:
And there are only 2 drivers:

On V21, slow is 5.4.154+5.10.68-1-1
And there are 5 drivers:

About w, I know, but wifi is configured in the same way as the V19
Free network, without protection.

Thanx for pointing out. Will go back to V19.
I am only wondering: Are the driver developer not testing their stuff, when doing a mod ?

Please try with 20MHz channel bandwidth, 40MHz had problems in the past and never worked really well.

yes - Allow legacy 802.11b rates
ch1 6.8dw 12up
ch6 7.5dw 14up
ch11 4.7dw 10.5up

no - Allow legacy 802.11b rates
ch6 6dw 13up
ch11 6.5dw 11up

How can I communicate with the driver developer ?

For my mistake, I posted the screenshots of the V19
This is of V21

The driver is rt2x00 which is part of the Linux Kernel.

I have helped a lot with that mess of a driver to improve MT7620 support for OpenWrt 18.06 and you were still enjoying that in 19.07. Apparently something broke it again, I'm not sure I want to again spent weeks with debugging...

Maybe solution is same ?
Or Ralink cannot help to do ?
Or other developer ?

But also on v19 I had similar problems, with the auto channel.
Solved fixing channel.