Slow speed in Wi-Fi Client mode

I have the following configuration:
TPLINK N750 (TL-WDR4300)
Powered by LuCI openwrt-22.03 branch (git-23.093.57104-ce20b4a) / OpenWrt 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e

I have reset the router to the factory settings and then set up the Wi-Fi client mode

I have configured the client mode on the Atheros AR9580 802.11an radio.

When I connect wirelessly with my laptop to the client network (with 5GHz support), the internet speed is about ~300Mbps.

When I connect with a wire to the OpenWRT router (that connects to the client network), the internet speed is about ~50Mbps.

Why? If I understant correctly, by configuring the client mode on the "an" radio, it should connect it in 5Ghz mode, so it should also provide similar speeds as in direct connection.

Could you please help me troubleshoot this?

Diagram bez tytułu

A screenshot from the Wireless configuration.

does your Orange_* wifi have two radios, one for each frequency, with the same SSID ?

Yes, it is 2.4/5 with the same name.

try separating them, name wise.

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Id made the connection faster, indeed! But still, max 70-80Mbps in TPLINK-cable-Computer connection.

Can I force somehow OpenWRT to connect the 5Ghz network without separating their names in the target AP?

you can probably add the MAC of the source's radio someplace, forcing it only to connect to the 5GHz.

speed wise, you shouldn't expect any miracles, I doubt you'll ever achieve 300Mbps, but you should get more than 80, imho.

from the product sheet at TP-Link:

So you think it's a hardware problem? Could you please suggest me a device that would hadle this scenario better?

Kind of depends on the specs of your FTTH device, but the MR70X is usually cheap in PL, but there's now a v2, not currently supported.

Thank yoy!

Signal level is low at -67. You want to be -60 or higher for best speed. This reflects in the MCS being only 120 Mb. This is the raw rate over the radio, the usable throughput is half that or less as you have found.
The hardware in the WDR4300 is an standard (WiFi 4) which supports MCS rate up to 300 Mb (possibly 450 in one direction if the AP is 3x3). The direct to PC link is probably using ac (WiFi 5) or ax (WiFi 6) which are faster standards.

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