Slow relayd performance(Wireless client mode)

I get ~100 mbits/s testing with iperf directly from the router and from my laptop through the relay I get 5mbits/s. And 30 mbits /s without using the repeater connecting directly to the router.

Can you clarify more about your setup.

  • What router(s) and laptop?
  • 100mbits testing from the router to what/where?
  • What do you mean by "from the router?" Running iperf on the router? Laptop wired to router?
  • What speed does the laptop negotiate with the relay router?
  • 30mbps connecting directly to the router? What WiFi speed is being negotiated?
  • What are the distances involved from laptop to router? relay? router to relay?
  • Is the laptop connecting to the same radio on the relay that the relay is using to connect to the main router?

Unifi AP lite -> Tp link archer C7
100 Mbit using iperf from commandline on the router
The laptop only has 100 mbit ethernet
30 Mbit is when my laptop is at the same position as the router connected directly to the ap ac lite
The distance is maybe about 15-20 meters.
The laptop was plugged in with ethernet when doing the router tests.

I fixed figured out how to fix this had to change some wireless settings in the cli. I forget what but I believe I did enable after burner and some other stuff

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