Slow PPPoE Wan after installing OpenWRT

Hi everyone,

I've installed on my ELECOM WRC-1167GHBK2-S the openwrt firmware. Everythin looks working smoothly besides the fact that now i get between 200-300mb in download speed instead of 800-900 that I had before with the official firmware.

Is there any reason / setting I should check to get back to the best perf ?

Also, I would like to use it as brdige (bridge my PPPoE Wan connection to the Lan 1 port) and manage the network with another appliance. How can I do that ? I tried few things, even disableing the DHCP but I keep getting internal IP with routing enabled instead of my public IP.

Also, I couldn't find how to go back to the original firmware. Just installing the original firmware from the Gui is enough ?

Thanks !

  1. Login to your router
  2. Run top
  3. Do a speedtest
  4. Watch the CPU usage in top

I bricked it by wanted to get back to the original firmware lol Im checking solutions..

mt7621a isn't a fast SOC and PPPoE in particular is quite demanding.

Have you enabled hw acceleration? If not then I would try that.