Slow internet speed

i have a tp link archer c7 v4 and i recently installed the openwrt version for this model, but i see that my internet speed reduced to less than 200 megas when with stock firmware it was 500 megas constantly... what could it be ? thanks!

That is the maximum speed a 750 MHz single core mips 74Kc (QCA9563) can provide.

software flow-offloading can bump your figures a bit, but in the end you do need faster hardware. You can't expect a decade old router SOC design, made for 50-100 MBit/s WAN connections to cope with 2023's fibre speeds in excess of 1 GBit/s.

well, that is true.... openwrt it is very coold and has very good options.... the bad is for those we have high internet speed... because all the rest is very good.

but the firmware should use the router hardwaare to get the high speed, my router allow to reach to 500 megas , openwrt would not have to have that problem if it uses the router hardwared for that

Look, many cheap routers use severely under-powered CPUs and make up for that by adding acceleration/off-load engined to a SoC. These often:
a) are proprietary, that is can only be used with the vendor's SDK and often have no open-sourced drivers
b) tend to be more limited in their capabilities than the full network stack in the Linux kernel
c) tend to be harder to upgrade than the software stack in the kernel.

For some off-load engines there are open source solutions available (e.g. the two NSS cores of the r7800) that offer some speed-ups even with special firmware versions of OpenWrt, but that is the exception, not the rule.

Well, I am sure if you offer cleanly developed open-source drivers for the accelerators in your SoC the developers would look whether integrating them would work... the point is a lot of hardware does little without the appropriate software to "drive" it.

No worries, just give Qualcomm a call and ask to speak to their openwrt support team, they can email you the specs and source of their proprietary acceleration engine.

Actually I think there was some Chinese project in GitHub claimed to have the SFE-offload and the source code available at the same time. The readymade one is outdated and the source code is not available which gives some concerns using it.

Buy some nice x86 hw and use Your router as dumb ap, dell R220 or some nice and small supermicro rack server work nicely. Think about that that 10year atom d510 can route 1 gig without problem and today's cheap soho routers can't without some hw acceleration or something... I had previously cheap igel d820 thin client with quad intel nic and with pfsense i was able to route pppoe 400megs without much load even with high torrenting usage, i paid for this like 10 $ so this was dirt cheap.


Go to network > firewall

Enable software offloading ( Hardware offloading as well if available )

That should increase the speeds quite a bit ( If you use SQM remember to disable these )