Slow internet connection with default settings

Few weeks ago I started to reorganise/upgrade my network.
My old router was an ASUS rt-n18u.

I checked my internet speed and is around 950 Mbps Upload and Download using stock firmware rt-n18u.

With a fresh install on a D-Link DIR-2660 the only change i made was the PPPOE protocol on wan interface i get around 300 Mbps Upload and Download.

Next i will put some schemes to be more readable and to show you my tests....

Using ASUS rt-n18u. stock firmware
ZTE ZXA10 --(PPPOE)--> ASUS RT-N18U => ≅900 Mbps Download/ ≅800 Mbps Upload

D-Link DIR-2660 with OpenWRT 22.03.3
ZTE ZXA10 --(PPPOE)--> D-Link DIR-2660 => ≅300 Mbps Download/Upload
ZTE ZXA10 --(PPPOE)--> ASUS RT-N18U --(DHCP client)--> D-Link DIR-2660 => ≅550 Mbps D/U

Using D-Link DIR-1960 with OpenWRT 22.03.3

ZTE ZXA10 --(PPPOE)--> D-Link DIR-1960 => ≅300 Mbps Download/Upload
ZTE ZXA10 --(PPPOE)--> ASUS RT-N18U --(DHCP client)--> D-Link DIR-1960 => ≅550 Mbps D/U

PC Engines APU2C2 with OpenWRT 22.03.3

ZTE ZXA10 --(PPPOE)--> APU2C2 => ≅450 Mbps Download/ ≅860 Mbps Upload
ZTE ZXA10 --(PPPOE)--> ASUS RT-N18U --(DHCP client)--> APU2C2 => ≅860 Mbps Download/ ≅800 Mbps Upload

Asus RT-AC88U with OpenWRT 22.03.2

ZTE ZXA10 --(PPPOE)--> RT-AC88U => ≅500 Mbps D/U

First i thought i messed up some configuration, then it's a hardware problem compatibility problem, then a bug, now i am sure is a default configuration.
What should i need to do in order to improve my internet speed?
Is OpenWRT an improvement for the devices? i expected to be better than stock firmware

install and run htop, while using the device as router, what's the CPU load ?

depends on your definition of improvement.

function wise, sure, performance, not necessarily.

I installed the htop on PC Engine Apu2c2

Htop as a normal usage

While doing a speedtest 432 download speed.

While doing a speedtest 788 upload speed.

I am amazed by the requirements of OpenWRT

You're barking up the wrong tree, this has nothing to do with Openwrt, but Linux.

It's probably the PPPoE that kills you, don't know if it can be distributed
across several cores, but you can at least try running irqbalance.

Both of those routers make use of MediaTek MT7621AT SoC,
Consider enabling Software flow offloading and Hardware flow offloading.

Another item of interest,
Consider making use of Development Snapshot builds via Firmware selector, since they contain patches contributed by arinc9.

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Software flow offloading and Hardware flow offloading worked like a charm for Dlink DIR-2660.
Unfortunately for Asus ac88u Increase the download with 100 mb.. good but not good enough
For APU2 works only the openwrt-21.02.5 version...
I started with version openwrt-22.03.0 thill openwrt-22.03.3 , also snapshot... and didn't worked well.
so if you have any ideas how to make it work on early version please don't refrain

That router makes use of a Broadcom SoC and Broadcom does not provide open source drivers and such.
So no hardware flow offloading provided, only software flow offloading.

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